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Why is everyone dying?

Why is everyone dying?

Welcome to episode 103 of GeeklifeHQ, the podcast this week is finally getting to discuss Spiderman No Way Home. On top of that some of our favorite celebrity's have been dying at an alarming rate, actually in the middle of releasing the episode we also lost Meatloaf and Louie Anderson, so this is even more relevant than when it was recorded. 

We talk about Betty White and one of our favorites Bob Saget.

Week in Geek spans at least two weeks a Justen finished 9 seasons of Seinfeld, Matt works a vintage T shirt show. Justin with an I talks about TMNT interviews and Metallica...a lot.

Funny show and great to be back on recording schedule. 

Check us out at and @geeklifeHQ on Twitter Instagram and Facebook.

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