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S11E206 - Ring, Ring Black Phone Emmys Calling

S11E206 - Ring, Ring Black Phone Emmys Calling

Episode Notes

Episode 206 is here and the guys bring you the Latest Pop Culture News, the latest Trending Topics in the World in This Weeks Trending Topics, and the Latest, Outrageous and Weird News in the World in their What the Hell is That Segment, next the guys talk about “The Black phone” in the latest edition of the Current Movie Review, “Ms. Marvel” is up for discussion in the Current TV Review, and in the Trailer Talk Discussion, the guys talk about the “Final” Halloween Film…or is it, “Halloween Ends” and in the Throwback Movie Review the guys pay tribute to the late great Fred Ward by bringing you their review on “Remo Williams: The Adventure Begins”

Segment Times:

  • Opening/Upcoming Events/Announcements: 00:00 - 11:36
  • Whiskey Candy Taste Test/Pop Culture News: 13:07 - 44:15
  • This Week in Trending Topics: 45:01 - 58:38
  • Trailer Talk Discussion - Halloween Ends: 59:10 - 1:04:02
  • Current TV Reveiew - Ms. Marvel: 1:04:47 - 1:09:23
  • Current Movie Review - The Black Phone: 1:10:50 - 1:16:54
  • Throwback Movie Review - Remo Williams: The Adventure Begins: 1:17:06 - 1:20:23
  • What the Hell is That/Close Show: 1:21:04 - 1:35:09

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